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Global Exhibition Company: Last month, Lewis Walters our Managing Director travelled to beMatrix’s USA HQ Atlanta Georgia. But this wasn’t a holiday(!) It was to join a panel of 31 global exhibition and event stand build companies, for an Intercontinental Day.  The aim of the event was to bring together beMatrix partners from around the world, to discuss the innovative product and the benefits of it being an accessible world-wide exhibition stand solution. It was an ideal platform to share experiences of using the system through collaborative networking.

Despite being situated in the UK, many of our clients have an extended international reach, so it’s important that we can give them the same exhibition design and build experience, regardless of event location. We have spent time working with partners over the years to ensure that we can offer an consistent exhibition experience for our clients, whether the show is in London or China.  Experience tells us that having a local ‘ear to the ground’, and having people ‘on the ground’, with local destination knowledge, provides us a competitive edge to ensure global events can take place without stress or worry, even when they are in far-flung territories!

Our global network reach extends China, Malaysia, Japan, Holland, UK, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Chilie, Australia, Jordan, USA – North Carolina, Boston, Las Vegas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Orlando, Chicago, Texas and more. And because we have staff located in each country, we already have knowledge of their country regulations, values and culture. What’s more, clients looking to exhibition internationally, don’t need to invest heavily in shipping costs or scratch their heads on electrical wattage requirements – we already know this!

Lewis Walters commented:

“By attending this collaborative partner event, it  has provided us with the opportunity to further help our clients more comprehensively across the globe. It was a fantastic networking opportunity where we connected with other like-minded companies and individuals, to give us a local voice within the industry and increase awareness of our world-wide reach..

“We recognise the added-value that experts with local knowledge at the forefront of industry trends can bring, not least, the cost-savings that can be achieved. We will continue to meet and develop relationships globally to improve our expertise and widen our innovative skill sets at an international level, with the ultimate aim of delivering global exhibitions for our client with a single point of contact.”

Where’s Lewis next?

Lewis will be attending the beMatrix bePartner day June 13-14 over in Belguim, so look out for his next blog post!

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